Crochet Pattern: Toilet Paper Roll Cover

My very first pattern! I am not sure how excited I really am, and I don’t know what possessed me to make a toilet roll cover.

It is what it is.

I hope to build upon this, so more coming soon!

This pattern is very free form because all toilet paper rolls come in different shapes and sizes. You will need to be very flexible. Mine are Costco Charmin brand.


·      3.5mm hook*

·      Stitch markers

·      Scissor

·      Toilet paper roll

·      Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

o  Black

o  White

        *I tend to crochet tight and I like to go down in hook sizes when I can. Adjust as

Gauge: Not necessary, but constantly keep checking the sizing with your roll.


MR – magic ring

Ch – chain

Sc – single crochet

Sc inc – single crochet increase

BLO – back loop only

FLO – front loop only

Sl st – slip stitch

FO – finish off

Before you start: Coming Soon! I hope to add the little details soon.


    Start with black. Working in the round. Use stitch marker as needed to mark the                         beginning of your row.

Row 1. MR. 6 sc. Close ring. (6)

Row 2. BLO sc inc in each stitch (12)

Row 3. BLO 1 sc, sc inc around (18)

Row 4. BLO 2 sc, sc inc around (24)

Row 5. BLO 3 sc, sc inc around (30)

  2 sl st & FO. Begin working with white at any point.

    *For this next row I use “yarn under” hook grab. I feel it gives a nice tighter transition to          the color change

Row 6. FLO 4 sc, sc inc Join to the first sc. Ch1 around (36)

Row 7. BLO 5 sc, sc inc around (42)

   mark first stitch, do not join, continue working in round and  just keep checking the width    of your roll and stop when your top piece  covers the top of the roll.

Row 8. BLO 6 sc, sc inc around (48)

Row 9. BLO 7 sc, sc inc around (54)

Row 10. BLO 8 sc, sc inc around (60)

Row 11. BLO 9 sc, sc inc around (66)

Row 12. BLO 10 sc, sc inc around (72) (End of top piece) 

Row 15 – 38. Working in both loops, sc around (72)

Row 39. (last row) Sl st around (72) FO. Weave in your ends. 


Slip onto your roll and smile at your accomplishment. 

For an add-on air freshener holder: Toilet Paper Caddy

Processed with MOLDIV
Toilet Paper Caddy

©️ 2019 Dianet Giraldo (Mami Plays). All Rights Reserved. This pattern is intended for personal use. No part of this pattern may be copied, sold, translated, changed, or published. 

This applies to this pattern only. The honor of the invention of the toilet roll goes to the Scott brother’s. 



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