School Nurse Appreciation Day: May 10, 2019

My children are at the nurse at least once every week. I absolutely have to appreciate what she does them. An ice pack or a bandaid and a kind word go a long way. Thank you from all my heart! ❤️

The school is faith based and it’s mascot is a lion. I was concerned about the meaning of the hat. I am not sure if it is still used as a representation of a nurse. My husband pointed out that I was misrepresenting the cross. I totally didn’t think of that ☺️. Either way it comes from the heart.

I used the sketch to design my gift card holder. The sketch came out so much better and I am definitely inspired to try again.

Teacher appreciation week: DIY Mug Decorating


Inevitably you end up with some gift cards for the teachers. I wanted to make cute gift card holders, so of course I pick….mugs!

It was either a plain gift bag or a cup, so I decided to be different, but I wanted to still decorate them.


Ceramic mugs (black from the dollar store)

Sharpie oil pens (metallic)

Alcohol/alcohol wipes



Wash the mugs. When dry, wipe with alcohol/alcohol wipes to remove any residue.

Use the oil pens to draw or stencil your design. In my case the school mascot is a lion so I searched for lion drawings. There are some amazing artist out there.

Place the mugs on an oven safe tray. Put into a cool oven. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes Turn off and let the mugs cool in the oven.

Your gift cups should be ready for their gift cards.

I think I am ready to buy some expensive mugs to make for myself.

Good luck!

Teacher Appreciation Week: Dress Up Vases


Just a cute quick idea for giving vases a little bit of pizzazz.


Vase (Wal-mart $1)

Yarn/string (left-over from projects)

Beads (dollar store purchase)

Crazy-glue (gel)

(I have a lot of left over yarn from my crochet projects and I love to find any use for little pieces of yarn. )

– Dip the end of the yarn in the glue and quickly pinch and release to make the end stiff enough to string the beads. Once the end begins to fray cut off a little bit so you can keep going.

– Strung about 30 beads.

– Use a small bit of glue to attach the yarn to the glass. (This took some trial and error)

– Wind the yarn around tightly occasionally putting one of the string beads.

-Stop as you get close to the top and glue again. If they are going to get handle a lot, you should add a few more drops of crazy glue.

Novice Yarn Dyeing

I needed Lime Green. Not a color I expected to need much of, but my crochet journey led me to flowers. Of course flowers have leaves that are lime green and my local craft stores didn’t have any. I did happened upon Lime Green Tulip brand Fabric Dye in the clearance section. Light Bulb!

I have asked the internet if you can dunk a skein of yarn with a cardboard insert straight into the dye, but so far I have not found the answer. I am afraid that the cardboard will disintegrate and eventually cause the whole thing to rot. Better safe, than sorry.

I purchased DNC traditions in white (because that is what they had). The internet said to unwind the skein. I used the wind around the arm to elbow method. I cut six small pieces of yarn to tie at different points along the yarn circle. Supposedly this is supposed to keep it from tangling. More on that later.

I followed the directions on the package.

  1. Fill tub with one gallon steaming hot water.
  2. Stir in 1/4 cup of salt.
  3. Pour in dye packet and stir until dissolved.
  4. Submerge fabric in dye mixture.
  5. Stir continually for 15 minutes, and then occasionally for 45 minutes.
  6. Rinse fabric in cold water. Wash in warm water and let air dry away from direct heat and sunlight.

As you can see the color turned out great.IMG_7856

It took a couple of days for the yarn to fully dry. I thought the winding would be a breeze. Boy was I wrong. It took me more days to have the patience to wind it than it did to dry. The thread did change consistency. It’s piling a little bit more and it’s harder, but all I need it is for leaves that are going to be on display.

Lime Green Vine Leaf (pattern by Leticia LeBron of Flawless Crochet Flowers)


The Next Step

Just because I complain that it took me so long to wind, doesn’t mean I won’t try again. I can’t seem to find any dark pink either. 🙂



Crocheting in Public

I crochet everywhere, but I never see anyone else doing it. Where are my fellow hookers? The moment I sit down (or even lean against a wall) I pull out the hook. I originally wanted to learn how to knit, but I quickly realized that I was not going to be able to carry those long needles around for my own safety. The convenience of the crochet hook has really been my downfall. I now carry two bags wherever I go.

I have yet to see anyone ever crocheting in public (nor knitting). Why? Am I the only one that has nothing to do? I don’t get very many comments either. I am ok with that. I just don’t know why I don’t see anyone else doing it.

I even got caught by a photographer crocheting while holding a spot for a parade. I was a bit mortified.

Little kids are usually the ones most interested. They will stand and watch for a little bit. I once had a little girl watch then go around the corner. I heard her tell her dad that what I was doing was beautiful. He then made her come back and tell me herself. It was very nice.

Yesterday I was crocheting at the pool because I am not a member of the polar bear club.  A little boy just stopped and stared. His mom came up and pushed him along. I looked up and I saw the mom looking down at me with THE LOOK with a slight lip curl. I couldn’t believe it. She looked absolutely disgusted at what I was doing. I am not one of those mom’s that enjoys going talking to other moms, so normally I am not one of the “in” crown. But to see such a look of disdain was heartbreaking. I kept right on doing what I was doing, and I will do it again. I just didn’t realize how uncool it is to do something other than stare at a phone screen.

The little things

It really is the little things that are important. Yesterday my day was made when I signed on to Ravelry and I realized I had one message. It had been sitting there for a few days, but since I never expected to get mail, I never looked.

What is Ravelry? It’s the site that created my crochet addiction. Everything you need to be inspired is there. If you are a member, you know what I mean. It’s a must if you do anything with yarn. There is a very active community constantly uploading patterns, yarns, and chatting about anything and everything.

I was 3 months into my crochet craze when I spotted a multi color Red Heart Soft skein and immediately I thought of a botanist friend who loves to garden. Turns out the colorway is Garden. I knew I had to make her something. Right next to it was a free pattern for the Bright Stripes Scarf by Red Heart Design Team. It is a great beginner pattern because it makes you feel like you are doing much more than just single crochet. I particularly like the use of the overlapping treble crochet.  I only used two colors (they recommend four) and added a few more rows of single crochet to make it wider.

The Red Heart Design asked me if they could feature my version on their pattern page. I was (and still am) on cloud nine. It might not mean much to some, but at least someone liked my design. [The truthful caveat is that there are only one or two other completed projects, but they still chose mine! :)]

I am inspired to keep trying and maybe someday I will be creating my own designs.

Next Step

Projects never end. They just keep getting bigger. You can’t just have a scarf. You know you need to have a hat and gloves too. Next to tackle are the fingerless gloves!





My first blog post

This is my very first blog post. One of millions of others all over the internet. It is important to me because it is my first. I see everyone else in this world has an opinion and it’s my time to share mine. This is for me. I want to share it with the world, but in the end, it is still for me.

I have found a new passion (er, addiction), YARN! I am not picky. I just love the colors. I love just looking at the discount yarn. It’s always a sheer mess of colors, and it’s beautiful. You would never actually wear or make something with that mess (a new challenge?), but I just love looking at it. Then I dive in…..

I started crocheting 6 months ago. It’s always something I wanted to try. I did when I was little, but it just didn’t stick. A series of unfortunate(?) events, finally led me to pick up my first ball and hook. I can’t even remember what it was. There have been so many after.

Two large storage bins later, I spend my time looking for new ideas to crochet. I want to be able to share what I find and make. There are so many projects I want to make that it’s time to write them all down.

About Image: My yarns are written in that book. All with $$$ attached. I know exactly how much my addiction has cost me.

The notebook was made on Shutterfly.