School Nurse Appreciation Day: May 10, 2019

My children are at the nurse at least once every week. I absolutely have to appreciate what she does them. An ice pack or a bandaid and a kind word go a long way. Thank you from all my heart! โค๏ธ

The school is faith based and it’s mascot is a lion. I was concerned about the meaning of the hat. I am not sure if it is still used as a representation of a nurse. My husband pointed out that I was misrepresenting the cross. I totally didn’t think of that โ˜บ๏ธ. Either way it comes from the heart.

I used the sketch to design my gift card holder. The sketch came out so much better and I am definitely inspired to try again.

Teacher appreciation week: DIY Mug Decorating


Inevitably you end up with some gift cards for the teachers. I wanted to make cute gift card holders, so of course I pick….mugs!

It was either a plain gift bag or a cup, so I decided to be different, but I wanted to still decorate them.


Ceramic mugs (black from the dollar store)

Sharpie oil pens (metallic)

Alcohol/alcohol wipes



Wash the mugs. When dry, wipe with alcohol/alcohol wipes to remove any residue.

Use the oil pens to draw or stencil your design. In my case the school mascot is a lion so I searched for lion drawings. There are some amazing artist out there.

Place the mugs on an oven safe tray. Put into a cool oven. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes Turn off and let the mugs cool in the oven.

Your gift cups should be ready for their gift cards.

I think I am ready to buy some expensive mugs to make for myself.

Good luck!

Teacher Appreciation Week: Dress Up Vases


Just a cute quick idea for giving vases a little bit of pizzazz.


Vase (Wal-mart $1)

Yarn/string (left-over from projects)

Beads (dollar store purchase)

Crazy-glue (gel)

(I have a lot of left over yarn from my crochet projects and I love to find any use for little pieces of yarn. )

– Dip the end of the yarn in the glue and quickly pinch and release to make the end stiff enough to string the beads. Once the end begins to fray cut off a little bit so you can keep going.

– Strung about 30 beads.

– Use a small bit of glue to attach the yarn to the glass. (This took some trial and error)

– Wind the yarn around tightly occasionally putting one of the string beads.

-Stop as you get close to the top and glue again. If they are going to get handle a lot, you should add a few more drops of crazy glue.