Free crochet pattern spotlight – Sand Dollar

Quick little sand dollar for a much larger project. While it serves it’s purpose, it doesn’t look like one. 

I spent most of my free time today looking for a good free pattern and it just isn’t out there. That means I have to come up with one! Add it to the growing task list. 

That brings me to pattern searching. I love Ravelry, but sometimes I like to try it out on my own. All I get are Pinterest and all these blogs/pages of the “18 best ….” or the “25 free crochet patterns of ….”. It ends up being just a constant page scroller where I have to hunt for the link amid random comments, pictures, and ADS. I am always on my phone, so I chalk it up to being on mobile sites. I am really a novice at what makes sites profitable, but I can’t imagine that mess helps. Is that what it comes to to turn a profit?

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