Free Crochet Pattern spotlight – Seahorse motif

Somehow I find myself crocheting smaller and smaller things. Today’s project is a seahorse for a larger project. 

I found the Seahorse Motif through Ravelry. All you have to do is like the Facebook page for “Crochet a little”. I looked through the pictures to find the chart. On Ravelry there is a link to a website if you do not use Facebook. 

If you are a chart crocheter, then this one is an easy one for you. I could not find a written pattern. As a novice, I had a bit of a hard time following it and I skipped some of the design. I was well into it when I realized that the yellow areas were supposed to be front post stitches. I also ended up crocheting the head in the wrong direction. Fortunately I wasn’t too far along and just turned it around 😁. It took me a few hours, but well worth another try. 

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