Crocheting in Public

I crochet everywhere, but I never see anyone else doing it. Where are my fellow hookers? The moment I sit down (or even lean against a wall) I pull out the hook. I originally wanted to learn how to knit, but I quickly realized that I was not going to be able to carry those long needles around for my own safety. The convenience of the crochet hook has really been my downfall. I now carry two bags wherever I go.

I have yet to see anyone ever crocheting in public (nor knitting). Why? Am I the only one that has nothing to do? I don’t get very many comments either. I am ok with that. I just don’t know why I don’t see anyone else doing it.

I even got caught by a photographer crocheting while holding a spot for a parade. I was a bit mortified.

Little kids are usually the ones most interested. They will stand and watch for a little bit. I once had a little girl watch then go around the corner. I heard her tell her dad that what I was doing was beautiful. He then made her come back and tell me herself. It was very nice.

Yesterday I was crocheting at the pool because I am not a member of the polar bear club.  A little boy just stopped and stared. His mom came up and pushed him along. I looked up and I saw the mom looking down at me with THE LOOK with a slight lip curl. I couldn’t believe it. She looked absolutely disgusted at what I was doing. I am not one of those mom’s that enjoys going talking to other moms, so normally I am not one of the “in” crown. But to see such a look of disdain was heartbreaking. I kept right on doing what I was doing, and I will do it again. I just didn’t realize how uncool it is to do something other than stare at a phone screen.

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