Today’s yarn

Shopping for yarn is my vice and my pleasure. It’s always an experience though, and I never walk away empty handed (so says my bank account). Inevitably you are always bound to have a new yarn to tell after the hunt.

I was at the register at my local craft store when I eavesdropped on the conversation in front of me. An older lady was asking about something gold she had left behind. Turns out it was a walking stick. Everyone giggled because it just seemed odd that someone would forget that. The lady was very appreciative because she said it belonged to her sister.

I caught up with her outside and I said, “Your sister must have been very inspired to have forgotten her walking stick”. She plainly responded, “My sister is dead.” It was one of those moments when you wish the earth swallowed you. She quickly added, “She was my twin sister. Now I carry it with me (literally, because she also used her own). I just had so much that day that I forgot it.”

We parted ways on a lighter note, but the short moment took a while to digest. I started imagining what her story could be. Had she always been close to her sister? How was she doing now? I have a sibling, but can’t imagine the loss of the bond of a twin.

Usually on my drive home I think about what I can do with my purchases, but this time, they were almost forgotten.

My short interlude all started because I was looking for a thin black yarn. I ended up with a skein of Aunt Lydia’s black Fashion 3 to attach my border to the Batik. I am totally making it up as I go.

The highlight of the trip was that I can’t help but wander around AC Moore and I always check the clearance. They are moving things around so I had not noticed that this yarn with color tufts I had been eyeing was suddenly on clearance. I almost missed it. What else could I do but snatch it up!

I really want to make a hat. That’s my goal. I have yet to accomplish making a good hat/beanie/whatever-it’s-called. I WILL make it work with this yarn.

The plan

MAKE A BEANIE HAT! It’s not much to ask to be able to make one that fits and is circular. The last one I made ended up looking like a Chinese qing hat.




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