My first blog post

This is my very first blog post. One of millions of others all over the internet. It is important to me because it is my first. I see everyone else in this world has an opinion and it’s my time to share mine. This is for me. I want to share it with the world, but in the end, it is still for me.

I have found a new passion (er, addiction), YARN! I am not picky. I just love the colors. I love just looking at the discount yarn. It’s always a sheer mess of colors, and it’s beautiful. You would never actually wear or make something with that mess (a new challenge?), but I just love looking at it. Then I dive in…..

I started crocheting 6 months ago. It’s always something I wanted to try. I did when I was little, but it just didn’t stick. A series of unfortunate(?) events, finally led me to pick up my first ball and hook. I can’t even remember what it was. There have been so many after.

Two large storage bins later, I spend my time looking for new ideas to crochet. I want to be able to share what I find and make. There are so many projects I want to make that it’s time to write them all down.

About Image: My yarns are written in that book. All with $$$ attached. I know exactly how much my addiction has cost me.

The notebook was made on Shutterfly.

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