Batik with Fan Crochet

My husband travels and I get the benefit of “sorry you can’t be here” guilt gifts. I recently (time is relative) received a small batik. I can’t imagine he paid much for it, but it’s a gift from him, so it means a lot to me. I want to display it appropriately.

What is a batik? Batik is a method of painting fabric with wax. Mine is on a rectangular cloth.

The Grand Plan

IMG_8945[1]It has unfinished edges, so I plan to use hem tape. I have no idea how to sew and much less manage to do it in a straight line.

I will still need to sow an “anchor” for the crochet. I plan to use a blanket stitch with nylon string.


I made my first expensive yarn purchase at my local yarn shop. I spotted the Schoppel Wolle Zauberballs right away. It turns out the color is called Tropical Fish. It was meant to be. Unfortunately I think it is going to require two skeins.

Shortly after discovering Pinterest, I spotted a picture of a doily/scarf. It had no information other than a picture of a finished product, and I knew someday I wanted to use it. I searched until I found my way to a Russian site where I presume it originated from. The other pictures are from Pinterest & DoilyMania’s post on  Processed with MOLDIV

Somehow I am going to attach finished doily (A) to Batik (B). Will let you know how it goes……






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